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We bring care and well-being to you! Chiropractic care includes scheduling, travel time and personal cost. Bringing chiropractic care to your place of business makes healthy habits a no-brainer.


We offer price packages to fit your business needs, often at half the price of traditional chiropractic care.

Licensed &

Dr. Mossman is a licensed Chiropractor through the State of Oklahoma and  insured through NCMIC.

Why Choose C.R.U.

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Considering how to increase employee health and longevity?

Chiropractic Response Unit is a mobile Chiropractor specialized in bringing increased well-being and mobility to our patients. We bring chiropractic care to your place of business to improve employee longevity and individual wellness.

Our Goal

"Chiropractic Response Unit is a mobile Chiropractor specialized in bringing chiropractic care to your place of business to improve employee longevity and individual wellness."

One service day can provide chiropractic care for up to 80 employees! Through a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly plan of care, success can be measured in better employee health, morale and mobility.

Day of Care Process

  1. ​We create a plan of care. This can be every week or once a month.

  2. Employees are given intake forms to fill out prior to our Day of Care that include questions  about daily activities at work and at home, their health concerns, lifestyle goals, and any questions they may have.

  3. We distribute sign-up sheets and contact information for Dr. Mossman for those who would like to ask questions ahead of our Day of Care

  4. On the Day of Care, Dr. Mossman will perform an examination of range of motion, orthopedic evaluation, neurological evaluation, and Chiropractic analysis. After the examination, she will perform their initial adjustment and discuss an appropriate treatment plan. The first visit will take 10-15 minutes to complete. If for any reason she believes imaging is necessary prior to adjustment, she will inform the employee and direct them to the appropriate office.

  5.  Follow-up adjustments will include a brief Chiropractic analysis and adjustment that will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

  6. We come back for weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly follow-up visits depending on the physical nature of the job and employer wants and needs.

Satisfied Customers

"As someone that is affected by a chronic illnesses daily, I would not be able to perform my job without Dr. Mossman's adjustments. She is thorough and makes sure all the joints are moving as they should. I receive weekly adjustments and am so glad I found her!"

Natalie W.

"I started receiving bi-monthly adjustments from Dr. Mossman two years ago. She keeps me moving so I can attend to and interact with my three-year-old, who keeps me on my toes!"

Jessica D.

"Dr. Mossman's weekly adjustments give me the mobilization I need to keep working. I have had multiple back surgeries and deal with daily pain. Without her assistance, I would not be able to perform at my highest ability."

John T.

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